30 Important Agriculture Terminology

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30 Important Agriculture Terminology

The term agriculture and related subjects are derived from the words
1.Agriculture- Latin word-`ager’ or `agri’ meaning `soil’ and `cultura’ meaning ‘cultivation’

2. Agronomy- Greek word- `agros’ meaning ‘field’ and `nomos’ meaning ‘manage’

3. Horticulture- Latin word- ‘hortus’ meaning ‘garden’ and cultura’ meaning ‘culture or growing’

4. Pomology- Latin -Greek word- Combination of Latin word `ponum’ meaning ‘fruit’ and greek word ‘logy’ or ‘logos meaning ‘discourse, treatise, or science’.

5. Olericulture- Latin word- `oleris’ meaning ‘pot herb’ and english word ‘culture’ meaning ‘cultivation’

6. Floriculture- Latin word- •

7. Extension- Latin word- ‘ex’ meaning ‘out’ and `tensio’ meaning ‘stretching’

8. Soil Science- Latin word- `catena’ meaning ‘chain’

9. Soil- Latin word- `so/um’ meaning “ground’

10. Monsoon- Arabic word- `mausim’ meaning ‘season’

11. Biodynamics- Greek word- `bios’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘dynamics’ meaning ‘energy’

12. Truck gardening- French word truck- ‘torquer’ meaning `to barter or exchange’

13. Nematode- Greek word-`nema’ meaning ‘thread’ and ‘told’

14. Pedology- Greek word- `pedon’ meaning ‘soil or earth’

15. Pedogogy- Greek word- ‘paid’ meaning ‘child’ and `agogus’ meaning ‘leader’

30 Important Agriculture Terminology

Evolution of Agriculture & related terms 

16. Market- Latin word- `marcatus’ meaning ‘place of trade, traffic or merchandise’.

17. Evolution- Latin word- `evolutio’ meaning ‘unrolling or rolling out’

18. Enzyme- Greek word- ‘en’ meaning ‘in’ and `zyme’ meaning ‘ferment/living’

19. Credit- Latin word-‘credo’ meaning ‘I trust you’.

20. Society- Latin word-`societas’ which was derived from noun
`socius’ meaning ‘comrade, friend,ally’.

21. Vulgarization- French word- ‘vulgarize’ meaning ‘popularize’

22. Cell —Latin word-`cellula’ meaning ‘small compartment’

30 Important Agriculture Terminology

23. ‘In- vivo’ and ‘In- vitro’ — Latin word- ‘In -vivo’ meaning `within the living’ and ‘In -vitro’ meaning ‘within the glass’

24. Plastid — GreA word- plastikas’ meaning ‘formed or moulded’

25. Ecology- Greek word- ‘Oikos’ meaning ‘house/dwelling place’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘study’

26. Entomology- Greek word- ‘entomo’ meaning ‘insect’ means ‘cut into(section)’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘discourse’

27. Arthropoda- Greek word- `arthros’ meaning ‘segmented’ and `podu.s’ meaning ‘leg’

28. Phytopathology- Greek word- `phyton’ meaning ‘plant’ , `pathos’ meaning ‘ailments’ and `logus’ meaning `knowledge’

29. Fungicide- Latin word- ‘fungus’ meaning ‘fungus’ and `caedo’ meaning ‘to kill’

30. Meteorology- Greek word- `Meteoro’ meaning above the earth’s surface’ (atmosphere) and ‘logy’ meaning ‘indicating science’

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