Agriculture Important Q&A – 2

General Agriculture
40. H-777 is the cultivar of cotton
41. Hybrid -4 is the first commercial cotton of the world developed by – Dr.C.T. Patel in 1970
42. The leaves of cotton becomes radish in colour due to decrease nutrient uptake and moisture .
43. Origin of cotton is from – India
44. Cotton belongs to- malvaceae
45. Intra – Specific hybrid of cotton is -Hybrid -6, savita, surya.
46. Interspecific hybrid of cotton is – Varalaxmi , DCH-32 , HB -224 etc.
47. One seed of cotton has 60000-80000 fibres
48. Ginning %= wt. of lint / wt. of seed cotton taken for ginning * 100
49. The removal of lower leaves which come in contact with soil and lose their commercial value is known as priming process.
50. Priming method is used in – Cigarette and wrapper tobacco
51. The main aim of topping and Desuckering is – to divert the energy and nutrient of plant from flower to leaves.
52. The removal of the lateral branches or suckers or auxiliary buds is called – desuckring .
53. Central tobacco research institute is situated at – Raja – h – Mundri, AP (1947)
54. The richest source of protein among the food grain is – Pulses
55. Head quarter of directorate of pulses research is located in – Kanpur UP
56. Which pulse crop doesn’t fix N2 from atmosphere -Rajma
57. The word pulse is derived from – French world pottage or poride means – soup (dal)
58. The term legume is taken from – latin word – means to collect
59. India is the largest producer of – gram
60. The sour taste of gram leaf is due to presence of – Maleic acid(60%) and oxalic acid
61. Shelling % of Pea is 49
62. Harvest index of arhar is 19 %
63. Origin of aarhar is from – Africa
64. Queen of cereals is called Maize
65. The composite cultivars of maize are – Kisan , jawahar ,Amber ,Vijay , Sona , Vikaram, etc.
66. Maize is a C4 Plant
67. In India the rank first state in area and production of maize is UP
68. The maize Protein is called- Zein
69. Male inflorescence of maize is called –Tassel
70. The critical stage for water application in maize is – Tasseling and silking stage
71. Which Indian scientist shared world food prize for miracle maize – Dr.Sruinder K.Vasal(2000)
72. Origin of maize from – Mexico
73. All India Coordinated Maize Improvement Project was started in -1957 at New Delhi
74. Double cross technique for hybrid seed production was developed by – D.F. Jones (1920)
75. The idea of hybrid maize was first conceived by : E.M. east and G.H. Shull (1910)
76. The criteria for harvesting of sugarcane – withering of lower leaves ,brix 20 % , sucrose 15 %
77. Algin planting method of sugarcane is evolved by – Allahabad agriculture institute , Allahabad , UP
78. Adsali sugarcane is common in Maharashtra
79. sugarcane is planted in furrows because – it reduce lodging
80. Inflorescence of sugarcane is generally called – Arrow or open panicleu


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