ASRB- NET (Vegetable science) – 2018 150 QUESTIONS

ARS/SRF/NET Horticulture

ASRB- NET (Vegetable science) – 2018

1-India share in world vegetable production-13.7%

2-Coss pollination in radish due to –protogyny

3-Arka mangala is a variety- Yord long bean

4-Kashi sweta is a variety –radish

5-The of Arka Anand –IIHR-2X SM -6

6-God send vegetable called-Winged bean

7- Manno -galacton is obtained from vegetable crop- Cluster bean

8-The bean mainally cross pollination in nature- Cluster bean

9-Which spp of okra is used in back-crossing for developing of Yvmv resistant Arka Anamika – A .esculantum var-tetraphyllus

10-The variety of okra resistant both Yvmv and leaf curl virus- kashi lila

11-Sodium rich vegetable crop –Lettuce

12-Acid tolerant vegetable crop- Watermelon

13-Khihara techniques related vegetable crop-Water melon

14-Seed less watermelon developed by utilized breeding –Amphidiploid

15-TPS seed rate of potato-100-120gm

16-The induction of female flower in watermelon TIBA used at rate-50-100pp

17-seed stock degeneration in potato mainally due to-High temperature,

18- The tuberization in potato stop at temperature above-25*C

19-The boifortified variety of cauliflower (yellow coloure) developed –IARI

20-White rust resistant variety of radish- Arka nishant ,

21-The variety of amaranthus which resistant white rust-Arka saguna(IIHR)

22-Amaranthus seed rate-1-1.5kg/ha

23-The variety of bittergourd and special character – Pusa vishesh,dwarf vine

24-Highest area of polyhouse cutivaton in world – china

25-Cassava use stem cutting for propogation mainally taken from- middle portion

26-Which vegetable crop leading area in India-potato

27-The chemical used in syanthetic seed production- sodium alginate

28-which method of seed production used in onion both kharif and rabi- bulb-seed

29-which variety of radish developed by family/line breeding method-Pusa chetak

i 30-Indira konkan -1 is a variety –pointed gourd, ivy gourd, ridge gourd

31-Quantity of vine used in transplanting 1 ha- 45000vine cutting/ha

32-The variety of sweet potato having purple skin and yellow flesh-Sree vardhini

33- Tag colure of certified seed- blue

34-Isolation distance for foundation seed production in cole crop-1600m

35-The breeding line used in maintained Aline is –Bline

36-Which method is costlier in storing of product- C A storage

37- Which peeling method used in carrot- mechanical peeling

38- pre-Cooling method suited in leafy vegetable crops – vaccum colling

39-The variety suited for rainfed cultivation of tomato- Arka meghali

40-Triple diseased resistance (tolcv, early blight, wilt) tomato-Arka rakshakh
Compiled by – Shubham singh (Ag) HORT (vegetable science) BBAU central university Lucknow
Rajesh Rana (Ag) HORT (vegetable science) BBAU central university Lucknow
41-The chilli variety CH-1 developed by utilizing male sterility- GMS types
42-The triploid variety water melon suited polyhouse cultivation- Pusamadhura
43- Powdery mildew resistance variety of watermelon –punjab rasila,Arkarajhans
44-Muskmelon variety suited long distant transport,good self life ,good flesh
quality- Kashi madhu
45-Ivy gourd propagated by –cutting
46-seed rates of kharif okra- 7.5kg,15kg, 20-25kg, 15-18kg
47-Which spp used YVMV resistance breeding –A.esculantum –tetraphyllus
48-Cabbage seed production carried out region- Hills only
49-The % of seed recovery of tomato fruit-20%
50-french bean seed storage at vapour proof container optimum moister
contain ranged-7%
51-French bean variety Pusa parvati developed by X-rays irradiation by the
utilizing parents- Wax pod
52-The no of cultivated yam spp in India- 3
53- According to Vavilov (1951) reported onion originated –Afganistan
54-Kharif onion variety suited commercially cultivation- Agrifound darkred
55-onion variety suited for export purpose pupose- Arka bindhu
56-Optimum day length requirement for flowering in potato- 16hr
57-Onion bulb dipping done for good quality ,flowering-GA
58- Onion bulb are stored at 6-8 months at temperature -0-4*c
59-Among which variety of cucumber- swarna Ageti(pure line method used)
60-Proginator of cucumber-C-hardwickii
61-Best quality of oleoresin extracted from which crop- chilli
62-Onion umbel dip treatment given before emasculation at temp–
63-vegetable crop tolerate at saline soil condation- sugarbeet
64-Higher temp and high light intensity induced in cucurbits- male flower
65-Breeder seed production in onion carried out=bulb-seed method
66-Among earliest maturing variety of potato – kufri Ashoka
67- The processing attributes quality of potato- High drymatter and low red-
-ucing sugar(2.5%)
68-The quality of tomato for processing of purees and paste-
High consistency and viscosity
69-Fist improved variety of EFY- Sree padma
70-The variety of EFY free from acridity- Gajendra
71- The chemical compound used inducing male flower in gynoeciums
72-The inbreeding depression found in –cabbage, cauliflower, knol- khol
,All of these
73-Pusa deepti is a variety – Capsicum
74-Seed rate of garlic 1ha- 500-600kg/ha
Compiled by – Shubham singh (Ag) HORT (vegetable science) BBAU central university Lucknow
Rajesh Rana (Ag) HORT (vegetable science) BBAU central university Lucknow
75-Pytroton -30 used inducing flower-long day, short day,day neutral,dark
green foliage leaf
76-SPT in potato should be given by-Pushkarnath(1965)
77-The onion variety suited for dehydration –Pusa white round
78-The highest export earning vegetable crop- onion
79-Little leaf of brinjal is transmitted by-cestius phystatic
80-In IPM techniques fallowing used in tomato- marigold
81-The cultivated potato is – Autotetraploid(4x)
82-ZECC was developed by – S K roy and Khurdiya
83-The recyness in cauliflower due to- unfavourable temperature
84- Dioasegin is found in among which crop- fenugreek
85-The among which is monocot vegetable crop- colocasia
86-The highest Broccoli producing country in world- USA
87-Red colure in chilli is basically due to presence of- Capsanthin
88-The variety of onion developed by utilizing male sterility- Arka Kirtiman
89-The whole edible pod variety of pea –UN-53(PAU)
90-Maturity in pea was judge by –Tendrometer
91-The major garlic producing state in india- Gujrat>Orissa> MP
92-Cross pollination by high temperature in tomato occurred due to which
mechanism- Exerted stigma condition(stigma elongated at high temperature)
93-Ca rich vegetable crop- Amaranthus
94-Self pollination in leaf Amaranthus due mainally- More no of male flower
95-Which vegetable seed viability <1 year- tomato,brinjal,onion,okra
96-Pure line method largely used to improved- self pollination crop
97-Arka Ajit is a improved variety – pea
98-Pusa nasdar is variety- Ridge gourd
99-B.N name of lima bean –P. Lunatus
100-Pusa rasraj is improved variety of – Muskmelon
101-River bed cultivation suited which group vegetable-Water>muskmelon
102-Swarna Rekha is variety of- pointed gourd
103-The term of epistatis was coined by =Bateson
104-In brinjal seed and fruit set can improved by sprayed- 2-4D @2ppm
105-PGR sprayed in cucurbits crops- 2-4 leaf stage
106-Seed ball (2-6) used in propagating – Beet root
107-The micro-organism causing rotting in vegetable crop- Alternaria, Diplodia,Phomopsis, All of these
108-Cavity spot due to – Ca
109-Pillow disorder in cucumber due to- Ca
110-5- maturity group in vegetable crop found in- Cauliflower
111-Cheapest method of preservation of preservation- Drying
Compiled by – Shubham singh (Ag) HORT (vegetable science) BBAU central university Lucknow
Rajesh Rana (Ag) HORT (vegetable science) BBAU central university Lucknow
112- Temperory method of preservation- Dehydration
113-Which can used in canning of pea- Plain can
114-Black heart in potato occurred at temperature- 0*C
115-Phomopsis blight serious problem seed crop- Brinjal
116-Brinjal bitterness caused if glycol-alkloid exess -> 20mg/100gm flesh
117-Aspargus edible part used- Spear
118-Mostely vegetable dehydration done at temp- 60-66*C
119-Pusa snow-ball is variety of – Cauliflower
120-Broccoli Anti- cancer chemical compound=3-4 thiocarbamate
121-De-topping is mechanical harvesting fallowed in – Brusselsprout
122-Bitter gourd seed extraction fruit harvesting done- Dark yellow stage
123-MCPA is a – syanthetic retardant
124-Ancestor of cole crop- B.oleracea var- sylvastris
125-Vegetable forcing means – Growing of vegetable in off season
126-celery edible part- fleshy leaf stalkes
127-Great lakes is a variety of – Lettuce
128-The highest TSS contains and used breedind spp-S.chimelweskii
129-Saur- rubben is processed product- Turnip
130-Root –seed method used planting root stock called- steckling
131-Isolation distance of pea -50m
132-B.N name of spine gourd- M. Dioca
133-The removal of field heat from produced called-Pre-cooling
134-Chromosome no cultivated okra spp- 130
135-The family of Sauropus androgynous- Euphorbiaceae
136-The f1 hybrid is a cross between-
137-The mechanism SSI used hybrid seed production- cole crop
138-Ethylene absorbent- KMNO4 and celite
139-Browing in cauliflower due to –Bo deficiency
140-Multiple diseased resistance variety DM,PM, Anthracnose , Angular leaf
spot in cucumber- Poinsette
141-Inbreeding is commercially used in improvement- cucurbits
142-Fist commercial product C3 plant in photosynthesis – oxalic acid

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