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Article Exams Syllabus

1/List of Best Books for ICAR JRF Plant Science

Genetics and Plant breeding
  1. Fundamentals of genetics –BD Singh
  2. Elements of genetics –Phundan Singh
  3. Principles of plant breeding-BD Singh
  4. Essentials of plant breeding –Phundan Singh
Objective book for GPB
  1. Plant Science JRF By Elangovan (Previous solved Paper 2005 to 2019+ Model test Paper’s )
  2. Objective Genetics and plant breeding-Phundan Singh
  3. Objective genetics BD Singh & BK Prasad
  4. Objectives of plant breeding –Phundan Singh
Plant pathology
  1. Plant pathology-Alice
  2. Fungi bacteria virus –H.C.Dube
  3. Uppal kumar Battacharya
Seed science and technology
  1. K Agarwal seed technology
  2. Objective seed technology –TNAU
  1. Microbiology by Tauro and kapoor
Plant Physiology
  1. Pandey and sinha (selected topics only)
General agriculture
  1. General agriculture by Nem raj Sunda
  2. General agriculture by Arun katyayan vol 1& 2( Read the subjects which comes under plant sciences
  3. only)
  4. General Agriculture for Postgraduate Entrance Exam Test (PET) BHU by Elangovan,
  5. General agriculture by Muniraj singh rathore
  6. Objective agriculture by SR Kantwa
Entomology best book
  1. Outline of entomology by G.S.Dhaliwal
  2. Insecta by Raghumurti et al.
  3. Principle of applied entomology by Raghumurti et al.
  4. Applied entomology by D.S.Reddy
  5. Element of applied entomology by B. David
  6. Textbook of Introductory Plant Nematology by Walia and Bajaj
  7. Nematology at a glance by Manjunath
List of Objective books for ICAR JRF Entomology
  1. Objective entomology by T.V.prasad
  2. Objective agricultural entomology by Dr.S.M.haldhar
Best Books For ICAR JRF Agronomy 
  1. Principles of Agronomy by S. R. Reddy
  2. Principles Of Agronomy by Reddy &  Reddy
  3. Textbook of Field Crops Production by Rajendra Prasad
  4. Weed Science : Basic and Applications by T. K. Das
  5. Weed Management : Principles and Practices by O.P. Gupta
  6. Irrigation Agronomy by Sr Reddy
  7. Introductory Soil Science by D.K. Das
  8. Agronomy Treatise by  P.D. Chaudhary
  9. Objective Agronomy by Thavaprakaash N,Velayudham K
  10. Agronomy at a Glance Volume 2. Objective Fundamentals by P.L. Maliwal and S.L. Mundra
  11. Objective Agriculture by S.R Kantwa
Best Books For ICAR JRF Soil Science 

1.  Introductory Soil Science by D.K. Das

2.  Fundamentals of Soil Science  by Indian Society of Soil Science

3.  Textbook of Soil Science by T. Biswas, S Mukherjee

4.  Textbook of Soil Science by R.K. Mehra

5.  Concept of Soil Science book by S.G. Rajput

6.  Agri Facts – Soil Science by Sai Prasad

7.  Objective Soil Science by Ramesh

8.  A Textbook of Pedology Concepts and Applications by J. Sehgal

9.  commercial fertilizers by Rajan kumar

10.     Principles of Soil Chemistry, Kim H. Tan


Best Books For IBPS Agriculture Field Officer (IBPS AFO)

  1. A competitive book of Agriculture By Nemraj Sunda
  2. Fundamentals of Agriculture Vol.1 and Vol.2 by Arun Katyayan
  3. Agriculture at a glance By RK Sharma
  4. Objective Agriculture By SR Kantwa
  5. Toppers Notes Book
  6. IBPS Agriculture Field Officer Kiran Publication
Best book for preparation of ICAR JRF HORTICULTURE
Handbook Of Horticulture
Chadha K L
Instant Horticulture
S N Gupta
Glaustas Horticulture
P Muthukumar & R Selvakumar
Essence Of Horticulture
 A.R. Karale, C.D. Badgujar And J.D. Adiga M.S. Patil
Ranjit Singh
Textbook Of Vegetables Tubercrops & Spices
 S & Narendra Singh Thamburaj
Introduction To Spices Plantation Crops Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
N Kumar
Floriculture At A Glance
Desh Raj
Glimpses of Postharvest Technology
 Uadal Singh & Suresh Kumar P Meena
MCQs in Horticulture
Bharat Singh Hada
Treasure of Fruit Science
Sunil Kumar Mehta & Ashok Yadav
Objective Floriculture and Landscaping
Desh Raj
Mission Horticulture
Vipesh garg
Vision Horticulture
 Parashuram S. Gayakawad
Question Bank of Horticulture
 Satyanarayan Gupta
Best book for preparation of ICAR JRF SOCIAL SCIENCE
Agricultural Economics
Subba Reddy, Bhavani Devi
Agricultural Finance and Management
Subba Reddy And P. Raghuram H.L Ahuja
Economics of farm production and management
V. T. Raju
Fundamentals of farm business management
Johl & Kapoor
Advance Economic Theory
H.L. Ahuja
Elementary Economic Theory
K.K. Dwett
Agricultural Marketing in India
Acharya & Agarwal
An Introduction to Agricultural Social Sciences
Subhash Chandra (Must Read)
Objective Agricultural Economics
K.N. Ravi Kumar
Extension Education
Adivi Reddy
Extension Communication and Management
Objective Agricultural Extension
V.G. Sunil
Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics
Gupta and Kapoor
Principles of Agricultural Engineering Vol 1&2T.P.Ojha&A.M.Michael
Elements of Agricultural EngineeringDr.Jagdishwar sahay
Soil and water conservation engineeringR.suresh
Irrigation:Theory and PracticesA.M.Michael
Transport process and separation process principlesC.J.Geankoplis
Numerical approach in agricultural engineeringSanjay kumar
Concepts and application in agricultural engineeringM.K.Mohanty&N.B.Dash
A handbook of agricultural engineeringICAR  Newdelhi
Watershed HydrologyR. Suresh
Water wells and pumpA.M.Michael ,S.D.Khaper & S.N.Sondhi
Heat and mass transferR.K.Rajput
Unit operations of agricultural processingK.M.Sahay &K.K.Singh
Higher engineering mathematicsDr.B.S.grewal
Question bank on agricultural and food engineeringS Pritamchadra
Question bank on agricultural engineeringRawat and Nikhode


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