Bio-Fortification in India

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Biofortification of staple crops

Fortification is the exercise of intentionally increasing the content material of an essential micronutrient, i.e.

Vitamins and minerals (such as hint factors) in a meals, with a view to improve the dietary first-class of the food supply and offer a public fitness advantage with minimal danger to fitness.

Biofortification is the method with the aid of which the dietary high-quality of meals crops is progressed through agronomic practices, traditional plant breeding, or contemporary biotechnology.

Biofortification differs from conventional fortification in that biofortification goals to increase nutrient degrees in crops at some stage in plant increase in place of thru guide approach at some stage in the processing of the crops.

Examples of biofortification projects include:

  • iron-biofortification of rice, beans, sweet potato, cassava and legumes;
  • zinc-biofortification of wheat, rice, beans, sweet potato and maize;
  • pro-vitamin A carotenoid-biofortification of sweet potato, maize and cassava.
  • amino acid and protein-biofortification of sourghum and cassava.

Source: Breeding Field Crops. 1995. Sleper and Poehlman. Page 3.

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