Cattle dung as manure:-

 The India’s cattle population is around 300 million. On an average cattle produces 4-6 tonesof fresh dung per year.
 From this 300 million cattle’s, approximately 1200-1800 million tones dung can be obtained. Sufficient to fulfill the organic manure requirement for 132 million hectares of cultivable lands in India at 9.09 – 13.64 tonnes/ha.
 In India, 69.9 % cattle population resides in rural areas, which produces 9-15 kg/day
 Being a mixture of faeces and urine in the ratio of 3:1, it mainly consists of lignin, cellulose and hemicelluloses. It
also contains 24 different minerals.
 Cattle dung as Vermi-compost Bio-Manure:
 Earthworms consume animal wastes and excrete it in digested form called worm casts.
 Vermi-compost contains 5 times the available nitrogen,7times the available potash and 1.5 times more calcium
than found in good top soil.
 Dung as Bio-energy:-

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