Cereal Crops


A cereal is generally defined as a cultivated grass grown for their edible starchy grains. Bulk of staple food crops all over the world comes from this group.

A. Major Cereal Crops

In general, the larger grains are used as staple food is considered as major cereals.

1. Paddy/Rice :Oryza sativa
2. Wheat : Triticum aestivum
3. Maize/Corn : Zea mays
4. Barley : Hordium vulgare

B. Millets

Millets are a group of small grained cereals which are of minor importance as food
and they have a single cover. Millets are further classified into two groups.

a) Major Millets
1. Sorghum/Jowar/ Great millet :Sorghum bicolor
2. Bajra/Pearl millet :Pennisetum typhoides
3. Ragi/Finger millet : Eleusine corcana

b) Minor Millets

1. Foxtail millet/Navane : Setaria italica
2. Little millet/Saame : Panicum milliare
3. Kodo millet/Haraka : Paspalum scrobiculatum
4. Proso millet/Baragu : Panicum millaceum
5. Barnyard millet/Udlu : Echinochloa frumentaceae

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