Classification of field crops is necessary to know the adaptation, habitat, life cycle, nutrient requirement, insect-pest and disease reaction of crops, so that an appropriate production technology could be developed and adopted for maximum productivity at minimum cost.

Crop plants are grouped into three main classes according to the range of cultivation. They are as follows.

1. Garden Crops:

Crop plants that are grown on a small scale in gardens such as kitchen gardens, flower gardens and backyard gardens.

2. Plantation Crops:

Crop plants that are grown on a larger scale on estates. They are perennial or permanent in nature.

3. Field Crops:

Crop plants that are grown on a vast scale. They are mostly seasonal. Among these three classes agronomy deals with field crops only. Field crops are classified in many ways. According to economic or agrarian or agricultural classification or classification according to use of crop plants and their products, field crops are classified as follows.



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