Dairy development

 India ranks 1st among the milk producing countries in the world and contributes 19% of the world’s total milk production.

 India has achieved an annual report of 165.4 million tonnes of milk during the year 2016-17 as compared to 155.5 million tonnes during 2015-16 recording a growth rate of 6.4%.

 FAO reported 2.1% increase in world milk production from 815 million tonnes in 2015 to 822million tones in 2016.

 The per capita availability of milk has reached a level of 355 grams per day during the year 2016-17, which is more than the world average of 302 grams per day in 2016.

The National Milk day is celebrated on 26th November on the birthday of Dr. Vergeise kureine.

 World milk Day is celebrated on 1st June. 2017 theme – “Economic development, livelihood, nutrition” 2018 theme- “Drink Move be strong”.

 Milk procurement by the co-operatives during November 2017 has recorded an increase of 20.4% in milk procurement as compared to the last year.

 Milk availability increased from 322 gram in 2014-15 to 355 in 2016-17 (10.2%).

 For the purpose of doubling farmer’s income, the target of milk production has been kept at 254 million tonnes by 2021-22.

 Average milk procurement by co-operatives has increased from 380 lakh litres / day in 2014-15 to 430 lakh litres per day in 2016- 17,an increase of 13.2%.

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