Difference between zero & Minimum Tillage


Difference between zero & Minimum Tillage


Zero tillage:

  •  Father of zero tillage Glubler B. Triplets (USA), 1950
  • Primary tillage completely avoided.
  • Secondary tillage restricted to seedbed preparation in the row zone only.
  •  Keeps 50-100% of residue on soil surface.
  • Before sowing, herbicides Paraquat, Glyphosate are used for weed control.
  • Till planting is adopted. (Practice in zero tillage including four operations)
  1. Cleaning the crop row
  2. Opening of soil for seed insertion
  3.  Placing of seed
  4.  Covering the seed

• accomplished in one tillage operation.


Minimum tillage

  •  Method aimed at reducing tillage to the minimum necessary for ensuring a good seedbed
  • Also rapid germination,satisfactory crop stand and favorable growing  conditions
  •  Started in USA,  high cost of tillage  steep rise in oil price in 1974.
  • Tillage operation only for seed bed preparation.
  • Keep 30-50 % crop residues on soil surface.
  • It improves soil condition cause of in situ decomposition of plant residue.
  • Weed control by herbicide

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