Plant science ICAR JRF Exam pattern and syllabus

Plant Science

Plant Sciences Syllabus For ICAR JRF Entrance Exam is divided into four units. In this article I have written JRF Plant Sciences New Syllabus.

Plant Sciences  includes following subjects :

B-1: Plant Breeding & Genetics,

B-2: Plant Pathology,

B-3: Agricultural Microbiology,

B-4: Seed Science & Technology,

B-5: Plant Genetic Resources.

Unit wise Plant Sciences Syllabus For ICAR JRF EXAM


Importance of Agriculture in national economy; basic principles of crop production; cultivation of rice, wheat, chickpea, pigeon-pea, sugarcane, groundnut, tomato, potato and mango. Major soils of India, role of NPK and their deficiency symptoms.


tructure and function of cell organelles; mitosis and meiosis; Mendelian genetics; elementary knowledge of photosynthesis; respiration, and transpiration; structure and functions of carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes and vitamins. Major pests and diseases of rice, wheat, cotton, chickpea, sugarcane and their management.


Characteristics of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, differences between fungi, bacteria, mycoplasmas and viruses; physical and chemical basis of heredity; chromosome structure; genes/operon concept; protein biosynthesis; transformation, recombination, heterosis; Elements of economic botany; integrated diseases management; sterilisation, disinfection and pasteurization; Koch’s postulates; aetiological agents of rusts, smuts, powdery/downy mildews, wilts, yellows, mosaic, necrosis, enations, blights and witches-broom; pH, buffer, vitamins, role of plant hormones in seed germination and dormancy; pollination/fertilization in flowering plants; methods of seed testing; breeders, foundation and certified seeds; seed production in self and cross pollinated crops, nitrate assimilation; biological nitrogen fixation and other uses of microorganisms in 

Food and industry; composting and biogas production. Important rural development programmes in India; organizational set up of agricultural research, education and extension in India.

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