History Of Nematology

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History Of Nematology

1594 First time PPN mentioned by William Shakespeare in his ‘Love’s Labor Lost’ act IV, Scene -3 and wrote in ‘Sowed cockles reaped no corn’
1743J.T. Needham: discovered first PPN Anguina tritici and it was named as ‘Vibrio tritici
1855Berkeley, reported root knot nematode (Meloidogyne spp.) from roots of green house cucumber in England
1857Kuhn reported stem & bulb nematode Ditylenchus dipsaii.
1859 Schacht, reported sugar beet cyst nematode (Heterodera schachtii)
1865H.C. Bastian, he known as Father of Nematology and wrote monograph of the Anguillulidae
1871Kuhn first experimented CS2 for control of Sugar beet cyst nematode.
1884J.G. Deman, gave “Biometry’ and taxonomic monograph (Morphometry).
1907N.A. Cobb, known as Father of American (modern) Nematology.
1933 Tom Godey: He published two books., 1. Plant parasitic nematodes and disease they cause in 1933. 2. Soil and fresh water nematodes in 1951.
1937 Chitwood & Chitwood wrote a book: An Introduction to Nematology’.
1943Carter discovered nematicidal properties of DD. (JRF- 09)
1945 Christie, discovered nematicidal properties of EDB
1958 Hewitt, Rask and Goheen, first reported the transmission of viruse by nematode(Xiphinema index) transmitting .grape vine fan leaf virus disease in USA
1961G. Thorne wrote book ‘Principle of Nematode known as Bible of nematology).

History of Nematology In India

1901 Barber first reported PPN ‘root knot’ (Meloidogyne) infesting tea in Kerala.
1913 Butler, reported Ufra” disease of rice caused by Ditylenchus angustus from Bengal
1919 Milne, reported Anguina tritici (seed gall) of wheat in Punjab
1936Dastur, reported white tip disease of rice by Aphelenchoides besseyi’.
1958 Vasudeva reported Molya disease of wheat (H. anenae)
1961 Siddiqi, reported citrus nematode from UP (Aligarh).
1961 FGW Jones reported potato cyst(Globodera rostochiensis) nematode from Nilgiri (TN).
1966Division of Nematology established at IARI, New Delhi.
1969 Nematological Society of India was founded at IARI.
1971 First time Indian Journal of Nematology published.
1977 All India Co-ordinate Research Project (AICRP) on Nematode pests of crops and their control started.

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