Important Questions For JRF-Agronomy

Agronomy JRF

IMP  Questions For JRF-Agronomy

1.A very broad term encompassing all aspects of crop production, livestock farming, fisheries, forestry etc.


2.‘Agriculture’ word is

Ans.Latin word (agri+culture)

3.A branch of agricultural science which deals with principles and practices of soil, water and crop management.


4.“Agronomy” word is ?

Ans.Greek (agros+nomos)

5.Crops  cultivated on ploughed land?

Ans.Arable crops

6.Crops  grown to supplement the yield of the main crops?

Ans.Augment Crops

7.Two major commercial crops are
Ans.(i) Cotton (ii) Sugarcane

Imp Questions For JRF-Agronomy

8.A close-growing crop, grown primarily to improve and protect the soil from erosion through their ground covering foliage and/or rootmats between periods of regular crop production?

Ans.Cover Crops

9.When both main and intercrop is benefited to each other?

Ans.Complementary Crops

10.The crops leave the field exhaustive after growing?

Ans.Exhaustive Crops

11.Any crop or combination of crops is grown for grazing or harvesting for immediate or future feeding to livestock?

Ans.Ley Crops

12.Such crops are grown to conserve the soil moisture through their ground covering foliage?

Ans.Mulch Crops

13.Such cops are neither complementary nor competitive?

Ans.Supplementary Crops

IMP Questions For JRF-Agronomy

14.Cereals are botanically Ans.Caryopsis Quest.The more nutrient exhaustive family is Ans.Poaceae (Graminae)

15.The non-conventional oilseed crop is

16.The non-edible oilseed crops are

Ans.Castor and Linseed

17.The Indian originated field crops are

Ans.Arhar, Mung, Urd, Cotton, Jute, Kodo, Kutki, Oat etc.

18.Kharif crops are 

Ans.Short day plants

19.Rabi crops are

Ans.Long day plants

20.Day neutral Plants are

Ans.Cotton, maize, sunflower, safflower, groundnut, buck wheat, tomato.

21.Optimum time of sowing for Kharif crop


22.Optimum time for Rabi crop

Ans.4th week of October to 1st week of November

33.Optimum depth of sowing for most of field crops

Ans.3-5 cm

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