Insect Antennae and theirs Modifications



Insect Antennae and theirs Modifications

Antennae are a pair of sensory preoral appendages arising from the 2d or antennal section of the top owning nerves coming from deutocerebrum of the mind.
They are properly evolved in adults and poorly advanced in immature stages. Antennae are absent so as protura and sophistication Arachnida while 2 pairs of antenna (antennules) are found in class Crustacea.

These are stated to be uniramous (unbranched), segmented and mobile systems which might be basally constant in to deep antennal socket (antennifer). Antennal socket is supplied with an antennal suture.

The base of socket is hooked up to the threshold of the socket by an articulatory membrane. This lets in unfastened motion of antennae.

Insect Antennae and theirs Modifications

Antenna includes three elements :
1)Scape : It is the primary section of antenna. It articulates with the pinnacle tablet via antennifer which offers motion for the scape.
2) Pedicel : It is the second or center phase of antenna that paperwork a joint between scape and flagellum. It includes the unique auditory organ known as “Jhonston’s organ”.

3) Flagellum : It is the final antennal phase which consists of many segments that varies in form and size.

Example of modifications:



Type of antennae

1Filiform (Thread like)eg. Grasshopper
2Setaceous(Whip/ bristle like) eg.Cockroach
3Moniliform (Like string of beads)eg.Termite
4Pectinate (Comb like) eg.
5Bipectinate (Double comb) eg. Silk worm
6Serrate(Saw like) eg.Pulse beetle, jewel beetles
7Clavate (Clubbed)eg. Butterflies Segments
8Clavate with hook(clubbed antennae with hook) eg.Skipper butterflies
9Capitate (Clubbed with knob)
eg.Red flour beetle
10Geniculate (Elbowed) eg.Ants, honey bees
11Lamellate (plate like) eg.Rhinoceros beetles, dung rollers, chaffer beetles
12Flabellate (feather like) eg.stylopids
13Plumose(brush like with dense hairs)
eg.Male mosquito
14Pilose (brush like with sparse hairs)
eg.Female mosquito
15Aristate (antennae with arista)
eg.House fly
16Stylate (antennae with style)
eg.Robber fly

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