Instruments used for measurements in Agriculture

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Instruments used for measurements in Agriculture

S. No.



1. AnemometerWind speed/velocity
2.SeismographEarth quake
3.PyranometerTotal incoming solar radiation
5.Net radiometerNet radiation
6.Quantam SensorPAR (Photosynthetic activr radiation)
7.Pyraheliometer Direct solar radiation
8.SpectrometerSolar radiation in narrow wave bands
10.Android BarometerAtmospheric pressure
11.Wind waneWind Direction
12.Psychrometer/HygrometerRelative humidity
13.HygrographContinous record RH
15.Rain gaugeRainfall
16.Gypsum block Soil moisture in situ
17.Infiltrometer Infiltration rate
18.Lysimeter Percolation and leaching
19.PermeameterPermeability of soil
20.PizometerDepth of water table
21.TensiometerMatric potential
22.PlanometerLeaf area
23.ManometerRoot Pressure
24.LactometerLactose Or specific gravity of milk
25.Bricks hydrometerTss(total soluble solid) in sugarcane
26.Infra red thermometerCrop canaopy temperature
27.AuxanometerGrowth of plant


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