JRF Horticulture Important question for upcoming exam 2021

1Temperature required for bolting in onion is less than15 0C
2Filler crops are used in which type of planting systemQuincunx
3Origin of PapayaTropical America
4Dieffenbachia is propagated throughCutting
5Golden shower is propagated throughvine cutting
6Cassia fistula bears——— flowers.Yellow
7Chlorosis at midrib is due to deficiency ofMg
8Which of the following is salt tolerant crop ?Date
9Mango belong to which familyAnacardiaceae
10TSS of jam should not be>70



11Which of the following is used for killing microorganisms in foodHeat processing
12Japanese white is a variety ofRaddish
13Chromosome number of okra is130
14Daria cultivation is followed in which vegetable cropCucurbits
15Which of following is used to control downy mildew in musk melon-?Redomil
16Harvesting time for subtropical pear isJune-July
17Harvesting time for strawberry isDec-Jan
18Mango pulp preserved bySugar
19Leading cut flower exporter in the world isNetherlands
20A beautiful garden book is written byM.S.Randhawa


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