Major Insect pest of Wheat

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Major Insect pest of Wheat

  1. Army worm of wheat: Mythimna separata 

F:Noctuidae  O: Lepidoptera.

  • The freshly emerged larvae spin threads from which they suspend themselves inthe air and then with the help of air current  reach from one plant to another.
  • Early stage feeds on tender leaves in to central whorl of the plants but later caterpillars are able to feed on older leaves and skelerotized them totally
  • In case of severe attack by the army worm whole leaves including the mid ribs are consumed and the field looks as “grazed by the cattle”.
  • Spray Quinolphos 25 EC @ 500 ml/ha.
  1. Ghujhia weevil: Tanymecus indicus

F:Curculionidae O: Coleoptera.

  • It is specific pest of wheat nursery. (ARS-07)
  • Damage caused byadult weevil only.
  • They cut the germinating seedlings at the ground level.
  • Mainly damage is done in the monthsof October-November.

 Other pests of wheat:

a.Termite:Odontotermes obesus,  F:Termitidae O: lsoptera.

b.Wheat aphid: Macrosi,phum miscanthi,  F: Aphididae O: Hemiptera.

c.Wheat mite: Petrobia laens,   F:Acarina. (ARS-05)

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