Monsoon & their types

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Monsoon & their types:

  • The word monsoon has originated from the Arabic term which means “Season”.
  •  India is situated in the north-east trade wind zone and these trade winds continue throughout the year
  • Total amount of precipitation in Country is: 1194 mm Or total rainfall generated volume in India is: 400 mha-m
  •  Average rainy days in country: 130 days/year.
  • Raniy day: > 2.5 mm rains during 24 hours called rainy day

 The South -West monsoon:

  • S. W. monsoon reach south India (in Kerala) around 1st June of every year
  • It moves at average speed 30 km/hour
  • It’s called as ‘Grand period’ of rainfall in India.
  • It contributes around > 75 % of total rainfall in India.


South-West monsoon has two branches:


a. Arabian Sea branch:
• Contributes 770 mm/ 80 % of SW monsoon.
• This moves northward (in Delhi).

b. Bay of Bengal:
• Contributes 340 mm/about 20 % of SW monsoon.
• This move up to Assam.


2. The North-east monsoon:

  • North -east monsoon is limited mostly to southern states (AP & TN).
  • This monsoon is also known as retreating monsoon.
  •  It contributes about 15 °A of total rainfall in India
  •  EL Nino is a phenomenon that leads to rise in the ocean temperatures and consequent dry weather and drought
  • River which utilize maximum flow:Ganga



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