Oil Seed Crops


Oil seed crops are grown for the purpose of oil. The seeds of these crops are rich in fatty acids and are used to extract vegetable oil to meet edible oil, industrial and plant protection requirements.

Fig: Classification of Oil Seed Crops.

a) Edible Oil Seed Crops

1. Ground nut/Pea nut : Arachis hypogaea
2. Soybean : Glysine max
3. Sunflower : Helianthus annus
4. Safflower : Carthamus tinctorius
5. Sesamum : Sesamum orientale
6. Niger :Guizotia abyssinica
7. Mustard :Brassica juncea
8. Rape : Brassica campestris

b) Non Edible Oil Seed Crops

1. Linseed/Flax :Linum usitatisium
2. Castor :Recinus comunis
3. Cotton :Gossypium hirsutum

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