Plant pathogenic bacteria surviving in seeds and planting materials.

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a. Seed
1.Bacterial canker of tomatoClavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis
2.Goss’s bacterial wilt and blight of maizeClavibacter michiganensis  subsp. nebraskensis
3.Bacterial wilt of beanCurtobacterium flaccumfaciens

pv. flaccumfaciens

4.Bacterial brown stripe of ricePseudomonas avenae
5.Bacterial grain rot of ricePseudomonas glumae
6.Bacterial blight of soybeanPseudomonas syringae pv. glycinea
7.Angular leaf spot of cucurbitsPseudomonas syringae

pv. lachrymans

8.Halo blight of beanPseudomonas syringae

pv. phaseolicola

9.Bacterial blight of peaPseudomonas syringae  pv. pisi
10.Black rot of crucifersXanthomonas campestris

pv.  campestris

11.Bacterial blight of cottonXanthomonas axonopodis pv.


12.Common blight of beanXanthomonas campestris

pv. phaseoli

b. Planting material
1.Ring rot of potatoClavibacter michiganensis

subsp. Sepedonicus

2.Silvering of tulipCurtobacterium flaccumfaciens

pv. portii

3.Bacterial wilt of carnationPseudomonas  caryophylli
4.Gladiolus scabPseudomonas gladioli  pv. gladioli
5.Bacterial wilt of potato and gingerBurkholderia solanacearum
6.Bacterial leaf spot of Photinia glabraPseudomonas syringae

pv.  photiniae

7.Leaf scald and white streak of sugarcaneXanthomonas albilineans
8.Bacterial leaf spot of  BegoniaXanthomonas campestris

pv.  begoniae

9.Yellows of hyacinthXanthomonas campestris

pv.  hyacinthi

10.Bacterial blight of irisXanthomonas campestris

pv.  tardicrescens

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