Pulse Crops


Pulses are grain legumes used as food. On splitting they produce dal which is rich in protein. They are regarded as building blocks of living organisms for high protein content. These crops have the unique built in ability of fixing atmospheric nitrogen in their root system.

a) Grams

1. Red gram/Pigeon pea :

 Cajanus cajan

2. Bengal gram/ Chick pea :

Cicer arietinum

3. Black gram/Urd :

Phaseolus mungo/Vigna mungo

4. Green gram/Mung :

Phaseolus aureus/Vigna radiata

5. Horse gram :

Macrotyloma uniflorum

b) Beans

1. Soybean :

 Dolichos lablab

2. Field bean/Avare :

 Dolichos lablab

3. French bean :

 Phaseolus vulgare

4. Lima bean/ Double bean :

Phseolus lunatus

5. Winged bean :

Psophocorpus tetragonolobus

6. Cluster bean :

 Cyamopsis tetragonoloba

7. Moth bean :

 Vigna aconitifolia

c) Peas

1. Pea :

Pisum sativum

2. Cow pea :

Vigna unguiculata/V. sinensis

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