Seed Treatment


Seed Treatment


Seed borne infestation of insects and diseases pose devastating consequences to crop production. The concept of seed treatment is the use and application of biological and chemical agents that basically can control or contain primary soil and seed borne infestation.


  • This helps to improve crop safety which in turn leads to good establishment of healthy and vigorous plants which results in better yields.
  • The benefit of seed treatment leads to increased germination and ensures uniform seedling emergence.
  • it protects seeds and seedlings from early season diseases and insect pests thereby improving crop emergence and growth.
  • Treating seeds with Rhizobiumalso enhances the nitrogen fixing capability of legume crops and their productivity.
  • Overall seed treatment leads to improved plant population and thus higher productivity.

It is estimated that 80% of the seeds sown in our country is untreated as against 100% seed treatment practice in developed countries. Seed treatment also gives protection to the emerged seedlings from sucking insect pests.


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