Soil Science



  • · The term soil is derived from Latin word “Solum” means ‘Floor’ or ‘Ground’.
  •  Soil is the interphase between atmosphere and the mantle of rocks making up the earth’s crust called “lithosphere”.
  •  Regolith: All loose material above bedrock (the unconsolidated material of weathered rock and soil material).
  • · Soil Survey: Systematic examination, description and classification of soils.
  • · Pedology: Science dealing with genesis, survey, classification and laws of geographic distribution of soils as a body in nature.
  • · Edaphology: It is the study of soils from stand point of higher plants.

· “Rocks” are defined as the aggregates of one (or) more minerals. Eg: Limestone – aggregation of calcite mineral.
· Rocks have no definite chemical, morphological composition or definite symmetrical form like minerals.
· Based on origin, rocks are classified as

1. Igneous rocks
2. Sedimentory rocks
3. Metamorphic rocks.

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