The NABARD All India Financial Inclusion Survey


The NABARD All India Financial Inclusion Survey (2015-16)

➢ Farm households had an average monthly income of ₹8,931 as against ₹7,269 earned by non-agriculture households.
➢ Cultivation was the main source (35%) of monthly income of agriculture households, followed by wage labour (34%).
➢ Average size of land holding was 1.08 ha.
➢ Incidence of indebtedness was 52.5% among agriculture households and 42.8% among non-agriculture households.
➢ Irrigation coverage:    ➢ Web Portal developed by NABARD:

E-Shakti – Digitization of SHG, It coveres 4.34 lakhs SHGs and 47.91 lakhs member beneficiaries in 100 districts. Area in lakh ha. Net area under irrigation 683.83

Micro irrigation area 92.05

Drip Irrigation 42.38

Sprinkler irrigation 49.67

Watershed development – To capture physical progress of watershed funded by NABARD using GIS technology

Tribal Development

Data of TDF projects funded by NABARD across 220 districts benefitting 3.65 lakhs farmers
Krishak Sarathi –  For the Digitization of farmers club and their members NabSkill To capture detail of various stakeholders.

Krishak Samridhi-  Portal and app for data collection on pilot projects for doubling the farmers income.


▪ NABCONS , New Delhi, since 2005

▪ NABFINS, Bengaluru
▪ NABKISAN, Chennai, since 1997
▪ NABSAMRUDDHI, Mumbai, since 1997
▪ NABVENTURES, Mumbai, since 2018

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