Types of Sprayer and their Uses


Types of Sprayer and their Uses


  • Its is a battery operated equipment rotation 4000  to 5000 per minute by the help of  spinning 
  • Heli sprayer  use  for  agricultural  purpose  like   gardening  and small  area .
  • Its water droplets  size  (100 to 165 micron) for 5 to 6 litre water neeed to spraying.
  • Spraying capacity- 6 to 7 hac./day.


  • This sprayer is ideally suited for home gardens and small fields. It consists of a container of 0.5 to 3.51it capacity a built in air pump, pressure gauge , nozzle and flow cut off  lever.
  • The application rate ranges from 45 to 100 litres /ha.


  • Popularly applied for pesticide application operated with foot.
  • It has provision of 1 – 2 long delivery hoses. Fitted with either lance or 2-6 nozzle booms.
  • Its potential spray pressure is 17 to 21 kg / cm2 output with lance is 1 ha/day. It can spray high volume spray and covers more area.
  • USES :The foot sprayer is all purpose sprayer, suitable for both small and large scale spraying on field crops, in orchards, vegetable gardens, tea and coffee plantations, rubber estates, flower crops, nurseries etc.


  • Knapsack sprayer consists of a pump and a air chamber permanently installed in a 9 to 22.5 liters tank.
  • The handle of the pump extending over the shoulder or under the arm of operator makes it possible to pump with one hand and spray with the other.
  • Uniform pressure can be maintained by keeping the pump in continuous operation.
  • USES :Knapsack sprayers are used for spraying insecticides and pesticides on small trees, shrubs and row crop.


  • Hand compression sprayers are either pressure retaining or non-pressure retaining type. The ” ‘Y pressure retaining type has an advantage that air charged once may last for weeks, but requires sturdy tank and high pressure, therefore these are not in common use.
  • For operation, the tank is filled to three fourths of its capacity and pressurized by hand plunger pump, which remain inside the tank or from a compressor. The pressure inside the tank is usually maintained at 3-4 kglcm2.
  • Uses:The hand compression sprayer is used in kitchen gardens, nurseries, vegetable gardens, flower crops and field crops.


  • The hand sprayer is a small capacity pneumatic sprayer.
  • It consists of chromium plated brass tank having a capacity of 0.5 to 3 litres (one litre is more common) which is pressurized by a plunger pump.
  • Uses:– It is ideal for small nurseries, rose plants, kitchen gardens and spraying wettable insecticides and fungicides.


  • Long lever high-pressure sprayer designed for  operation with one or two lances.
  • Mounted on a  wooden board, held to the ground through the foot of the operator.
  • Uses:- For spraying on tall trees like coconut, areca nut, sugarcane, rubber plantations, orchards, vineyards and field crops, vegetable gardens, flower crops etc.

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