What is Agriculture  Extension

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What is Agriculture  Extension With Important Facts


Extension: Derived from two Latin words.

Ex = OUT and Tens is = Stretching


• Production of desirable changes in human behavior through gaining desirable knowledge, attitude and mental/manual skill is  education.

Classification of communication:

• According to use and nature of contact:

1. Individual contact method:

  • Contact is face to face or person to person.
  • It is very effective in teaching, quantum of feedback available is very high but slow communication
  •  Eg. Farm and home visit, personal contact, telephone call, office call, personal letters and result demonstration.

2. Group contact methods:

  • A group of 2-30 persons  Group is usually formed around common interest.
  • Face to face contact. • Eg. Symposium, discussion, lecture, tour and field days, method demonstration, conference, school, seminar.

3. Mass contact:

  • 30 or more persons.
  • It is more useful for making people aware of the new agricultural technology quickly.
  • Eg. Bulletins, leaflet/booklet/folder, newspaper, journal, magazine, exhibition, television, radio, fairs, posters, cinema. drama & songs.

Important facts:

  • National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme started in: Feb. 2006
  • The role of extension education in India is performed by: State Agriculture University
  • The person acting as a connecting link between higher department official & farming community, known as: Village extension worker
  • A demonstration which shows the value or worth of the new practice is: Result Demonstration
  • A process of initiating a conscious and purposeful action is : Motivation
  • Agriculture extension worker is: A messenger men
  • Extension teaching is: Horizontal
  • Institutionalized, chronologically graded and hierarchically strucatured education system is: Formal education
  • Sensory situation is more in: Inter -personal communication
  • Farm management is an: Intro jarm science
  • Farmers obtain short term loans from: Central cooperative bank
  • The most effective approach for personal contact is:
    Telephone calls
  • The accepted ways of eating, meeting folks, wooing, training the young, supporting the ages etc are called:
  • Which is audio-visual aids: Puppet show
  •  The most influence type of demonstration is: Method demonstration

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