what is plant breeding ?

Genetic,Plant Breeding

plant Breeding

Plant breeding is a science based on principles of genetics and cytogenetics. It aims at improving the genetic make up of the crop plants. The following objectives of plant breeding are,

objective of plant breeding

  1. Higher yield
  2. Improved quality
  3. Diseases and insect resistance
  4. Change in maturity duration
  5. Agronomic characteristics
  6. Photo insensitivity
  7. Synchronous maturity
  8. Non-shattering characteristics
  9. Determinate growth
  10. Dormancy
  11. Moisture stress and salt tolerance
  12. Elimination of toxic substances
  13. Winter hardiness

Some well-known achievements are development of semi-dwarf wheat and rice varieties, mobilization of Indian canes, and production of hybrid and composite varieties of maize, Jowar and bajra.

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